EPeriodicalSemanticInfo structure

Definition of structures, which are used to hold informations about catalogization process of periodical publications.

class aleph.datastructures.eperiodical_semantic_info.EPeriodicalSemanticInfo[zdroj]

This structure is used to represent informations about export progress in Aleph.

It contains informations about state of the record, so it can be tracked from edeposit project.


bool – Was the record aproved by acquisition?


list – Acquisition fields if it the record was signed.


bool – Was the record closed? This sometimes happen when bad ISBN is given by creator of the record, but different is in the book.


bool – Is the content of FMT == “SE”?


str, default “” – Content of FMT subrecord.


str – Same as summaryRecordSysNumber but without natural language details.


str – Identificator of the new record if .isClosed is True. Format of the string is not specified and can be different for each record.

static from_xml(xml)[zdroj]

Pick informations from MARCXMLRecord object and use it to build SemanticInfo structure.

Parametry:xml (str/MARCXMLRecord) – MarcXML which will be converted to SemanticInfo. In case of str, <record> tag is required.
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