Result classes

This module provides Result objects, that are sent back as answers to requests.

All classes defined here are just simple namedtuple data containers, without any other functionality.

class aleph.datastructures.results.ISBNValidationResult[zdroj]

Response to ISBNValidationRequest.


bool – True, if ISBN is valid.

class aleph.datastructures.results.SearchResult[zdroj]

This is response structure, which is sent back when SearchRequest is received.


list – Array of AlephRecord structures.

class aleph.datastructures.results.CountResult[zdroj]

This is returned back to client when he send CountRequest.


int – Number of records.

class aleph.datastructures.results.ExportResult[zdroj]

Sent back as response to ExportRequest.

This class is blank at the moment, because there is no information, that can be sen’t back.


str – ISBN of accepted publication.